A happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night

The end of any school term at Fyling Hall is always a hodgepodge of emotions and this is especially true with Christmas on the horizon; the combination of no lessons for weeks with the anticipated beneficence of St. Nicholas create an excited fervour which is juxtaposed with the parting from friends – sometimes just for the holidays but sometimes for so much longer as our ‘short-stay’ boarders prepare to leave the school, their friends, and their teachers after having enjoyed (we hope) a term in the Fyling Hall family. From the Santa-Dash to snowball fights, from lessons to our myriad extra-curricular activities, this term has been a roller coaster ride of hard work (where we continued unabated by the dreaded plague beating at the shores of every country of the globe) to glorious activities such as DofE, horse riding, excursions and, yes, I am going to mention them – Philosophy and Latin clubs (book early to avoid disappointment!). 

The culmination of our Michaelmas term is always our beloved Carol Concert and this year, despite current Covid measures we certainly did the old school proud – and thank you Mr. Instone for the fabulous recording! Mrs Swain’s choir sang in perfect harmony with some of our wonderful A Level musicians: Beau, Connie, Liv, Emie and Steph leading from the front with the hauntingly beautiful descant from Ms Anders. Our readers spoke with clarity and pathos and the poem by yr7 Skye was so heartfelt, so beautiful that there was barely a dry eye in the church. The proceedings were (as has become Fyling Hall legend) magnificently concluded with a recital from Mrs White whose performance of Betjeman’s ‘Christmas’ was as joyous as one could ever have hoped. 

So, from everyone at Fyling Hall…  

‘A happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.’ 

Chris Thomas, Head of English

A happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night