A Great Start In Year 7 – Students Share Their Thoughts

Starting year 7 can be a big jump from junior school and those starting in September may be looking ahead with mixed emotions. For any new year 7s that may start wondering about the start of term and how the next year will be, or for those moving country to join Fyling Hall – we thought you would like to read some reflections from last year’s year 7 pupils. Fyling Hall is a very friendly and welcoming school and this should put your mind at ease!

Izzy: To future year 7s, don’t be afraid because year 7 has been my favourite year of school. I am more sad to leave year 7 than I was to join. It gets better even if at first it is scary. My biggest tips are: just be nice to people, don’t over pack your bag, study for exams and bring a water bottle.

Yoyo (from China): You will make friends!

Matilda F: I have made loads of friends, I have a big friend group.

Megan: I was very nervous before I came and the first half term was hard getting used to all the rules and new classes. At first I didn’t like school, but now I do and couldn’t be happier. Horse riding is the best thing ever. But I love drama, art, sport and music lessons too and the weekend trips are amazing.

Spencer: The first day was nerve racking. I made friends, now I have too many!

Jonas: I made quite a few friends like Spencer and Edward. The first day was quite scary but people made it less scary. I like playing on the grass at break-times. I really enjoyed some of the weekend trips, my favourite was the one to Flamingo Land.

Enrique (Boarding student from Spain): I do have really good friends in my class and some people who I live with who are in year 9 and 10. When I come to England I was really nervous because I didn’t know each person in my class. I love to play with my friends and sometimes go to visit them at their homes. We play football, go swimming and play video games. I love Miss Anders because she is my school ‘mummy’ she is the most important person to me and looks after me if I feel sad. I know lots of English now but it is fun when Spanish people come to visit the school so I can speak Spanish too.

The family-like atmosphere and friendly community of students and teachers at Fyling Hall make the transition to senior school so much easier, whether you are moving up from our junior school, joining from another local school or travelling from around the the country or around the world!

We are really looking forward to welcoming the new year 7 and the new students joining other year groups this September. You will make friends for life here at Fyling Hall. Of course if you have any questions then please get in touch.

Thank you to our future year 8s for sharing your thoughts and congratulations on a wonderful start to senior school. 

Considering Joining Fyling Hall?

If you are considering joining as an international student you can get more details about boarding at Fyling Hall here or read about daily life as a boarder. If you are looking for places in year 7 in 2024 then please register your interest or book a visit or taster day using this form.



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We are looking forward to seeing everyone in September.