A great few days making model volcanoes

Form 2 had a great few days making model volcanoes. This design technology topic was a lovely way to end their Geography unit which has been Mountains and Volcanoes. The Junior School children worked in small groups to complete their task. They were given a number of different materials and it was lovely to watch their creativity flow.

Lisette Vincent-JonesJunior School Teacher

“I worked with Harry and Annabel, first we made the volcano structure using cardboard, we crumpled up bits of scrap paper and stuck it to the base of the volcano. Then we used paste to make it all hard, I think this was my favourite part because it was fun and we made lots of textures and it was very sticky. Once it was dry we painted it, we chose to paint ours black and brown. Then we added some fake lava using the red paint. The next day we erupted them using Coke and Mentos, ours erupted really well”.

Bo, Year 4

“I worked with Georgie and Belle, we first added a structural base to the volcano out of three pieces of cardboard. We scrunched up paper to create the shape and then we smothered it in paste and tissue paper. Once it was dry and hard we painted it with one coat of brown paint and then added the lava using red paint. The next day we erupted them, we used Diet Coke and Mentos, ours erupted quite well, it was amazing to watch the other groups erupt too”.

Bertie, Year 5

“I loved watching all the volcanoes erupt, I worked with Annabel and Bo, ours erupted the highest and lasted the longest, I think this was because our lava vent was very tight and we had the most Mentos, it was so much fun”

Harry, Year 4