A Focus on GCSEs returns

A Focus on GCSEs proudly returns to Fyling Hall School on 25th May. Let us guide you through your or your child’s GCSE choices.  With many subjects pre determined, you and they have the task of choosing four more subjects.  But what and how to choose? 

Fortunately, you do not need to choose on the basis of a fixed timetable. As a small school we alter our timetable to suit you.  In fact, we change our GCSE option blocks on a yearly basis.  Why?  To accommodate the interests and strengths of our current pupils, giving you the widest range of options.

A Focus on GCSEs

To help guide you, we invite you to A Focus on GCSEs.  Dr. Richardson, Deputy Head (Academic), will guide you through the subject options, help you understand the process of allocating subjects to options blocks and clarify your role in this process.  He will also identify the constraints which can arise. 

The session will close with the opportunity to meet with teaching staff who will  address any specific queries you may have as relate to the content of each subject and your child’s suitability. Current parents can also discuss their child’s academic progress as well as the Year 10 curriculum and optional subject choice.

Held on Thursday, 25th May (16.30-18.00), this informative session also gives you the opportunity to meet with fellow parents.  It is open to all parents and appropriately aged students including those not currently attending FHS. To confirm your place, please contact the school office on office@fylinghall.org.

In the meantime, Dr. Richardson has prepared a presentation describing the Year 10 curriculum and how the optional subjects are allocated to ‘blocks.’