A few scrambled eggs along the way

Fyling Hall’s Year 6 scientists have encountered a few scrambled eggs along the way. They have been busy investigating different forces and how they act. ‘Forces’ was our science topic over lockdown.

Pupils started off by learning all about gravity. The children worked on presentations about the life and work of Isaac Newton and we shared these in lessons. They looked at the difference between mass and weight and carried out an investigation, measuring the mass and weight of some household items using scales and a Newton meter.

They also learnt about air resistance and the children all took part in the Great Egg Device Design Competition. The aim was to design, make and test a device to slow down the descent of an egg when it is thrown out of a window, creating more air resistance so that the egg would drift to the ground slowly and safely and land without cracking.

Great Egg Device Design Competition

This was a process of trial and error. There were lots of successful landings, and a few scrambled eggs along the way!

And finally, the children also investigated water resistance and streamlining, timing how long it took different Playdough shapes to reach the bottom of a bottle.

Karen Richardson, Junior School Teacher