A fantastic school trip back in history

Form 2 had a fantastic school trip back in history last week when they visited Eden Camp. The class have been learning all about World War Two, throughout the term the children have read Goodnight Mr Tom, studied beautiful war time poetry and created their own wonderful black out poems. The class have enjoyed learning all about evacuation and what caused World War Two, so this trip was a perfect way to end their topic and reward their hard work.

We travelled by mini bus accompanied by Mr Coates and arrived greeted by model spit fire planes which caused great excitement. We were given a map and we slowly worked our way around all the different huts. A firm favourite was the hut that recreated the blitz, it really brought learning alive. Other favourite huts were the submarine re-enactment and the Prisoner of War Camp hut that was in fact built by Italian Prisoners of war. The children of course also enjoyed their ice cream pit stop and the play area.

The children also enjoyed playing war time games in the sunshine, such as tin can alley, splat the rat and tic tac toe.

“I really enjoyed our trip, it was so much fun and I loved all the exhibits by favourite was the blitz because it looked so real and it was also very scary”


“I really enjoyed the blitz hut because even though I knew the noises were coming it was still scary, it must have bene awful to have been there, I enjoyed seeing the Anderson shelters too”.


The children were impeccably behaved and it was lovely to see them enjoying the trip so much; school trips are such an important part of our enriching curriculum.

Lisette Vincent-Jones, Junior School Teacher