A fantastic, fabulous Easter! ??

Good Afternoon lovelies ? I hope you are all having a fantastic, fabulous Easter! ??

We have had a beautiful roasted ham dinner! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. The table was set out with baskets of Easter treats for the children, some treats for the staff and hand made cards. A big thank you to Kian’s lovely Mum who sent us all an array of Easter treats, from Lindt bunnies to little chocolate eggs. Also, thank you to Mrs Coates who has kindly baked for us. You are both wonderful. We have so many chocolate eggs! I’m sure we will get through them though ?

After our Sunday Roast we all went outside to take part in our Fyling Hall Family Easter egg hunt! I discovered earlier this morning, that it isn’t as easy to hide eggs, if you want them to be found. So Rosie and I put them in obvious places. However, I had to help a little ? as I put some up in the bushes. So, when we went outside, Samuel and I ran along the terrace, nearly at a sprint, eager to get onto the fountain lawn. I was like a big kid ? Manfred tried to hide the cream eggs that he had found but was unsuccessful as we knew he had them stashed in his pockets ? Everything that was found was all shared out equally amongst everyone.

We have all had a a fantastic, fabulous Easter together! Now some of us are doing a typical British Sunday sit down to let our dinner digest ? We hope you are all having a wonderful day. Keep safe and sending you all lots of love ❤?

Miss Emma Anders, Head Matron

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