Last Monday the Year 8 Dr W 5science classes were lucky to be visited by Dr Bryony Williams, of the Whitby Group Practice, as part of their topic ‘Studying Disease’.

Dr Williams talked to the students about medical training, diagnosing patients and recognising symptoms of different illnesses. She also brought in some medical instruments, and the students were able to practise taking each other’s temperatures and using a stethoscope to listen to the heart and lungs. Dr Williams also used a BP cuff to take blood pressure and pulse measurements, an ophthalmoscope to examine eyes and an auroscope to show us the inside of the ear; a thing of beauty! The students also had a chance to ask Dr Williams questions.

Dr W 4Both classes thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and learnt a lot, so a big thank you to Dr Williams for coming in to talk to us.

“I learnt about the sphygmomanometer, also called a BP cuff. I really enjoyed trying it on my friends!” – Ailsa

“I really enjoyed the talk and I’ve been inspired to think about being a doctor.”- Joe

“It was very interesting to look inside someone’s ear. It was like a tunnel with a pearl at the end.” –  Kai

“I really enjoyed learning about the different medical instruments, especially the stethoscope.” – HollyDr W 3

“I found out that the optic nerve is the only visible nerve.”- Alan

“I was used as an eye model and people were allowed to look at the back of my eye. I loved the experience.” – Reo


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