A creative approach

How to secure a a creative approach to producing textile designs? Just ask the PTA! The Fyling Hall Art Department applied for extra funding from the PTA to be able to buy new equipment to encourage a creative approach to producing textile designs. Securing funds to buy an electric wax melting pot with tools, the results have been very creative indeed.

Year 5 took inspiration from Matisse cut paper designs to come up with their own masterpiece. They first completed a cut paper design and then scaled up their idea to be drawn in wax and used ‘Brusho’ dye to add colour.

Year 7 students above used the equipment to make Christmas cards.

The Art department have also teamed up with the Maths dept to use the symmetrical patterns created in their Maths lesson, and using the batik process, created colourful textile designs.

A very big thank you to Fyling Hall’s PTA for their kind donation, enabling a creative approach!