A big warm welcome to our new boarders

I would like to start by saying, welcome back to all of our boarders and a big warm welcome to our new boarders that have joined us this term.

This week has been a busy one and it certainly has been for our new pupils.  They have all had their induction into boarding.  An induction into boarding, for those of you that may not know, focuses on what the day to day running and life is like in and around school.  Most importantly, making sure that every boarder knows key information.  This ranges from being familiar with the fire procedures and knowing about safety around the school.  As well as, weekend schedules, routines for bedtime and other necessities, such as signing in and out of the Boarding houses and where pocket money is stored.  There is much more, so as you can see it is a lot to take in. 

A big warm welcome to our new boarders
Post prep cricket in the Stackyard

The summer term is always one of my favourite terms.  The weeks will be full of a lot of goings on and it is an opportunity for all to get involved.  This summer we will be having our annual Sports Day, which is always a fun filled event, an enrichment week and of course, there will be an array of activities arranged to participate in, on the weekends as well as during the week after school.

I really am looking forward getting to know all who are new this term and I am sure that after a week or so, it will feel like they have always been part of the boarding family.  I know we will all have a great Summer Term, surrounded by the beauty of the season, in our idyllic location gazing out at the horizon with a view, I consider to be perfection. Once again, welcome back to all of our returning boarders and a big warm welcome to our new boarders.

Miss Anders, Head Matron