A big push on reading

We have had a very busy time in Form 2 recently with a big push on reading, I have been encouraging children to read books outside of their comfort zone to broaden their language, creativity and imaginations.

In Form 2 we have a reading rocket board. The children aim to reach the top of their rocket to have a dip in the prize box. Every book they read earns them a star for their rocket and after earning 3 stars they are at the top.

We also have a Bookflix board in our classroom that is regularly updated with recommended books, books that are trending now and top picks.

We had a very kind donation of books given to us by Whitby Armature Dramatic Society, the children were thrilled and have loved reading them.

“I am reading No Ballet Shoes in Syria. It is very emotional but it is good.” – Matilda

“I am reading Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. I love it because it is mysterious.” – Izzy

“I am reading The Cat Mummy. I like it because it is interesting but also a bit sad.” – Georgina

“I am reading The Dare Game. I love Jaqueline Wilson books because they feel real.” – Bea

“I am reading There’s a Yetty in the Playground. This is a new book for our class. It is very funny and it makes me laugh.” – Florence

I am really proud of the children and their progress made in their reading. With a big push on reading, they have all challenged themselves with books.

Lisette Vincent- Jones, Junior School Teacher