Why cycling?

Who in this part of the world has now not heard of the Tour de Yorkshire (TdY)?  Without a doubt cycling in the UK has undergone a renaissance.  With the Yorkshire Coast’s Cinder Path on our doorstep and the TdY passing our doorstep three out of four years, Fyling Hall School is perfectly located to take advantage.  Add to this the fact that Fyling Hall School is changing the way it conducts games lessons by introducing an element of individually based sports.

Given our location the natural first step is to provide a bike for each child in a games lesson. So that we can start sooner rather than later we plan to share a bike between each child. Ten (10) bikes will get us started. Each bike is approximately £500 plus helmets, staff training, appropriate storage, etc… 

You may recall the PE department cycled the Coast to Coast in July, leading by example and raising funds in excess of £3,000.00, with a portion of these funds going to a local charity. We need to fill the gap!! And kick off PE with a difference!!

Join us on 12th October 2018 at the Fylingdales Inn for a fantastic Race Night to not only to race some funds, but to have some good fun!