I have set the PE department a challenge. A big one! From Monday 9th July to Thursday 12th July, we will be bravely riding the Wainwright mountain bike coast to coast route. Why, you might ask? Is it to prove our physical fitness? Is it because we want to practice what we preach and challenge ourselves? Yes to both of these reasons … and an important additional one. We are raising money for Fyling Hall School.

The ‘Coast to Coast’ ride is a 220 mile journey which will take us over some of England’s highest mountains, starting from St Bees and finishing in Robin Hoods Bay. By the end of the ride we will have climbed almost the height of Mount Everest!

We are riding the route to raise money to buy a set of mountain bikes that your children will use during games lessons. We want to make the most of our amazing surroundings, and having a set of mountain bikes at our disposal will help us to do just that.

Our target is £5000!

We are asking you to sponsor us for our challenge. Your donation will not only benefit Fyling Hall, but also the local charity ‘Just Penny’, which was established to celebrate the life of Penny Young who died in June 2016 and support the survivors of similar traumas and their families.

For the final leg of the journey (Ravenscar to Robin Hoods Bay) we are inviting you and your children to bring your bikes and join us on our descent into ‘Bay.

There is a sponsorship form attached for anyone who would like to join us.

Please click and share the link to donate to our worthy cause. And wish us luck! (Justin will need it!)


Mr Coates

coast to coast mountain bike