York Chocolate Story – The whole Junior School went on a trip to York Chocolate Story to learn about the Aztecs, which is our history topic this term. At the Chocolate Story we tasted a lot of chocolate: dark chocolate, the first chocolate bar in England, raw chocolate, unsweetened chocolate, milk chocolate and Xocolatl! Xocolatl is the first chocolate and it was made popular by the Aztecs 4000years ago. It is very bitter a bit spicy and watery.

The tour was very interesting! We learned all about how chocolate is made. As the tour concluded we all got to make a chocolate lolly and decorate them.

After all those exciting things we went to the gift shop which was full of CHOCOLATE!

Mable Instone (Year 5)


On our trip to the Chocolate Story we learnt how to make Xocolatl. We crushed raw chocolate nibs, this process would have taken days but we didn’t have that long! We added the powder (the best we could grind in 10minutes) to cold water. The drink was then flavoured with chilli or vanilla. We then poured the mixture from jug to jug to create bubbles (an important process to the Aztecs). Then we drank it …I thought it was very bitter! But I drank it all! I loved our trip to York!

Amelia Kelly (Year 4)

Chocolate factory