Indonesian Culture at Fyling Hall

As some of you may have noticed, there were some new people around the school recently. These were our visitors from a school in Bandung, Indonesia who have come to England to improve their English and experience English culture.

Nineteen students in total came to the school for this week and are staying in Whitby and Scarborough with host families. These students participated in lessons around the school.

Life in Indonesia is much different to that in England as some of our students found out this week. A school day starting at 6:30am and often continuing until 6pm was particularly shocking for some of our students.

On Thursday of the week that they visited, our school choir delivered a rendition of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” during an extended assembly for our visitors, and we were amply rewarded with a visually striking array of Indonesian dances in return.  Our talented guests delivered dance after dance to our impressed pupils – giving us all a glimpse of traditional and lively Indonesian culture!

All of the students who were present for this assembly were grateful for this experience of Indonesian culture and thoroughly enjoyed it. Once the dances were over, our guests received a rousing applause from all of our pupils and Thursday’s lessons started with an energetic buzz.

We have enjoyed getting to know the students and are impressed with how good their English is and how polite and happy they all are. Now it’s time for Mr Allen to arrange for us to make a visit to their Indonesian school in return…!

Roberto Matos (Y13)


Indonesian students in English