Over this summer holiday the sixth form common room has received an extensive, much-needed revamping. Walls were knocked down, new furniture was put up and overall the room has been totally changed and vastly improved. All of this amazing work was done by our very own Colin Wormald, our school’s very own handyman who constantly spoils us by fixing all of the many, many, many things that break around here, as well as our wonderful gardeners Trevor and Marina, who constantly beautify the school. These three very generously gave up much of their summer holidays doing all of this to save the school money, meaning they had more funds to make it even better for us sixth formers. Who are all extremely grateful and promise to take better care of this common room than the last one.

However, the work is not yet done, it is up to us sixth formers to raise funds to further personalize and improve the common room. We hope to constantly make it better for future generations of sixth formers. At the top of our priority list at the moment is a microwave, do not get me wrong I strongly believed solids of cubes of butter on toast is the way of the future, but maybe the masses aren’t quite ready for it yet. In the meantime a microwave would be quite nice.

So far the other prefects and I have managed to raise £27 for the common room by selling personalized mugs to staff and sixth formers. For the low low price of £5 you can receive a beautiful mug designed by one of our prefects, with whatever you like on it, within the boundaries of our very limited artistic abilities.

There are 8 mugs left available for purchase, if you would like one please approach one of the prefects and if you have any fundraising ideas or donations to give those would be very much appreciated.

Dami Year 13