“So whistle down the wind, for I have always been right here…” were the very last words sung at the end of an exciting, jaw dropping performance last Saturday evening down at the Whitby Pavilion as the curtains closed for the final showing of Andrew Webber’s classic: ‘Whistle down the Wind’. With the cast leaving feeling exhausted but sad parting ways with their characters we can all say that the musical was very much enjoyed by all.

For those who may not be familiar with the storyline of Whistle Down the wind, here is a brief explanation. The audience first meets a quiet happy town somewhere in around 1950s America and focuses mainly on a family struggling with the burden of having very little money. The atmosphere of what was a warming, holy town is stirred up when news breaks of a prisoner escaping from a local prison. The prisoner then ends up taking refuge in the family’s barn where the father (played by our former headmaster, Ken James!) is completely un-aware along with the rest of the town. His three children, Swallow (Fyling Hall’s own Helena Graham), Brat and Poor Baby on the other hand, along with the rest of the town’s children decide to care for the prisoner who they believe he is the second coming of Jesus! Tensions then build after the parents/adults seek slaughter upon the prisoner in the name of defence for their children… You’ll have to watch the film or read the book to unveil the ending!

Although, as someone who came to take part in operating the projections for the show, without any knowledge or understanding of the storyline the cast and crew must have performed the show brilliantly as I became more and more engrossed in the show each night, and definitely want to be involved in the next show ‘9 to 5’ coming to the Whitby Pavilion at the back end of 2017″

Connor Asprey (Year 12)