Last Tuesday, Year 8 learnt about stage make-up in drama. The whole of year 8 were able to have a go of painting a black eye on someone. We only needed four colours, yellow, red, blue and white if needed. We learnt many things including how to paint a black eye or a bruise.

This is what you need to do to make a bruise or black eye. Start by covering the area that you want to make a bruise or black eye yellow, but not too bright because you will look like a lemon. Then you start to add blue and red to make the bruise or black eye. If you are doing a bruise and want to make it look like a sports injury, then you would need the colours yellow green and the tiniest bit of blue and red. If you want to do a really good black eye, then in the corner of the eye you need to add a little bit of white. You would only need to use the colour white for a black eye or to make the colour lighter if it is to dark.

Hattie Freer, a daughter of Mrs Freer, a teacher in the junior’s school, is coming in to show us some professional stage make-up later this week. Hattie also does make-up but is showing us what goes on behind the scenes of stage make-up. Year 7 is also joining year 8 when Hattie comes in. Everyone is excited to meet Hattie, and for her to show everyone some new techniques on stage make-up.

By Olivia Coates  (Year 8)

Makeup in drama