Read Joe Salt and Aspen Bortoft’s reviews of the balloon debates that were held recently in English:

On Monday 27th of March 2017, there was a farewell party for the celebrities who were embarking on their hot air balloon voyage. Flying in the balloon were Ewan MC Gregor  (Mrs Park’s best friend apparently), Mother Theresa (a nun), Steven Hawking (a clever scientist), the Queen of England (and her many corgis) Barack Obama (the previous U.S.  President), Marie Curie (a scientist), Malala (a girl who was shot by terrorists and braved the Taleban) and Margot fonteyn (a dancer). Yes, it certainly was a big basket.

The V.I.P.S had boarded. The balloon was taking off and they were soon above the clouds. They were getting on so very well, that they decided to pop open a bottle of Crystal champagne. The cork sailed high, but smashed through the canopy of the balloon causing it to lose altitude. The celebrities frantically threw off any excess weight including, to Barack Obama’s dismay, the Crystal champagne. There was only one last thing to do. Someone had to jump, or if obligatory, be pushed. But who to choose? Each had to argue his or her case to stay alive. Ewan went first. By the end the balloon was very low and every one began to panic, at the thought of being pushed to their death. Consequently an argument took place as each turned on the other. But which three will stay on the hot air balloon. That shall be discovered at final assembly .

(Joseph Salt Year 7)

This morning at ten twenty there was a huge crisis when a group of people were slowly crashing down inside a hot air balloon. There was only one wat of solving this problem and that was to throw most of the people overboard.

It was decided that everyone had to make a speech and the rest of the people in the room had to cast a vote on whether they were important enough to stay in the balloon and survive. Only three people were going to make it out alive.

“Cast your votes now! Only one pound, a vote”

“Keep reading this to find out what happens.”

“who will survive.”

(Aspen Bortoft Year 7)