The Annual Rotary Technology Tournament is now in its 8th year. Flying Hall teams have won every single year – so expectations were high yet again. Five schools again competed, in teams of four, to build a contraption that fulfilled a complex brief.
This year it was to build a launcher that would fire a capsule three metres into the air, release a ball and deploy a parachute to bring it down close to the landing site.
Our teams came first in the A level category and first and second place in the GCSE category!
It must be tough on the other schools to see us win 8 years in a row. How did we do it? What could be the secret of success? Is it skill, talent, teamwork, resilience, hard work, pure enjoyment of a challenge or creativity and invention? Perhaps it’s all of these things. One thing we do know is that our teams thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot in the process.
Mr Instone

Alan puts final touches the winning device.

More testing before the judging

More testing before the judging.

Testing before judgin begins

The moment of glory for our A Level team

The moment of glory for our A Level team.

GCSE 1st Place Winners

A Level 1st place winners