All of Year 9 have spent the past 2 weeks working in pairs preparing a presentation on a famous mathematician of their choice. They all did some excellent research and choose mathematicians ranging from Pythagoras born in 600 BC to more recent mathematicians such as David Hilbert who died in 1943 and is famed for his work on understanding and explaining ‘infinity’. This linked very well with Mr Instones assembly who encouraged us to be more curious and think about the ‘bigger questions’. However there still has to be winners! The prize for research and best attempt at explaining the maths went to Manfred and Lily for their work on Alan Turing and the prize for best presentational style and team work went to Toby and Jack for their presentation on David Hilbert. Bonus prize went to Diego for his solo presentation on Pythagoras. Well done to all of Year 9 and get to philosophy club if you want to know more.

maths presentations