On Tuesday 29th November, year 8 pupils performed a special piece of drama based on horrible histories, the comedic children’s TV show. To test out their performance, the piece was watched by form 2 and 3 from the Junior school along with their teachers Mrs Richardson and Ms Edwards.

Mrs Harrington our history teacher was keen to come along to test the year 8s knowledge so year 7 pupils were allowed to come along too.

Their performance was about Henry 8th taking down all the Catholic churches and being mean to the protestants. It was like horrible histories. It was good because they acted really well, they used actions and words to explain what was going on. There were some funny bits like Beau the most Whitby farmer ever. Stephanie made herself look the part and her voice sounded really sad too. Harry and Connie started in the audience which was really cool.

Mrs Jeeves wants to thank Helena in year 12 too who comes to the year 8 lessons to share her theatre knowledge.

We’re really glad we came to see the show. Well done Year 8!

By Cameron, Emie, Ola and Eve in Year 7.

Horrible Histories

Horrible Histories 2