Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No, they are papier mache fish created by Fyling Hall’s own art and drama students! The artistic creations were used in a festival run by Musicport – (a local company established in 2000 to promote live music and music education in Whitby and the surrounding area with its primary event being Musicport World Music Festival each autumn) – on the day we broke up for half term.

The fun and inspiring trip took place on Friday 14th October: one week before.

The fish we created started off with a willow skeleton, which truly tested our concentration and patience as we had to bend and stick the willow into place following various examples of some that were made earlier, many of which snapped in the process! After mending together the willow frame of our fish we then had to papier maché the whole of the fish’s exterior, which as many will agree, was another time consuming and concentration testing process. Although after this was complete we were able to let our creativity run wild and start designing our fish with various Arts and crafts supplies, which very soon ran out! In the final result we ended with a large variety of different designs on our fishes and the people from Musicport running the event were impressed with what we were able to create in our pairs.

The students and staff involved thoroughly enjoyed the trip and would be more than thrilled to be able to attend again. The festival one week later was a roaring success and the people who went to the festival reported back on how well the fish performed and how much fun they had walking their fish, with candles inside, through the streets Whitby for all to see.

Connor Asprey (year 12)