Another way of bringing change, is by trying to help resolve social problem in our area. Last Sunday the boarders attended St Stephen’s Church in Fylingthorpe for their annual harvest festival where we managed to donate a large quantity of three boxes to the Whitby food bank.

The service expanded our understanding of how difficult it is for those who are less fortunate and have to rely on such charities. It also expressed how important it is to share with others .

On the topic of charity and giving, the PTA also hosted a successful cake sale where three tables were needed to present all of the wonderfully decorated and baked cakes, all of which sold out by the next day.

We raised £290 in total, which will be given to the Lullaby Trust. Amazing!

Connor Asprey (Year 12)

bake sale 3rd pic 1

  bake sale 3rd pic 3

bake sale 3rd