As Robert Penn Warrant pointed out, poetry can be a way of expressing our emotional reaction to various experiences or reflect our views on current affairs. The process of writing allows us to read a map of our emotions and realise what our views actually are. If poetry is expression of oneself we can find clues about life or be inspired by one’s philosophy by reading poems of others. Even for those who look for enjoyment poetry has much to offer. The Aesthetic Movement which flourished in late 19th century state that art should not carry any moral message, that it’s only reason to create art is because “that one admires it intensely”. Is it not nice to have nice picnic, observe the beauty of landscape, breathe fresh air while reading the Romantic Poetry? Doesn’t the prise of nature made by romantic poets contribute to our perception of nature? Making it more vividly colourful. More comforting. The National Poetry day takes place on 6th of October and it reminds us of all the benefits of poetry. Fyling Hall School, to help with achieving this goal is organising a competition (about what, you can read below!) Instead of publishing the quote of the week we decided to share one of the “Say it with a POEM” cards. What can you do? Just find in your busy life a little moment to appreciate those pieces of art.

Karolina Gruzel