Timetable of Events

Monday and Tuesday: all of our pupils will be taking part in a series of interactive and science themed workshops.

Wednesday: Visiting speaker in the morning and Daisy Hardy competition in the afternoon

Thursday: Oxfam Workshops for Y7-9 RAF Fylingdales Visit for Y10 in the morning. Sports Day in the afternoon.

Friday: The Big Walk

Further Information on events

Workshop Titles

  1. “Botany with a Glaswegian Accent”
  2. “Science of the Imagination”
  3. “Walking on Water”
  4. “The Art of Science”
  5. “The Science of Sound”
  6. Mon: “Egg Drop Challenge” Tue: “Electric Cars”
  7. “Sweet Genetics”
  8. “Science and Film”

Visiting Speaker

We are very lucky to be welcoming Richard McCann to Fyling Hall School. Richard one of the UK’s leading motivational speakers and presentation skills trainers has already delivered over 1,900 presentations around the world about positivity. He talks about what can be achieved with full motivated mind set, he encourages to look at our own potential and provide guidance on the steps to success. (Suyean Kim)

Daisy Hardy Competition

The poetry recital competition was created and since named after a former Fyling Hall English teacher in order to celebrate poetry and to give pupils the opportunity to look at, and then think about a poem and its meaning. All pupils are given a selection of poems and spend time in class reading, discussing, and analysing their words and meanings. Each pupil is then encouraged to choose a poem that they like and spend time learning it in readiness for a recital in class, and then the competition itself at the end of term. There are three groups: intermediate (Y7-9), ESL and senior (Y10-13). The Junior School also hold their own, separate competition.

The competition is held in the barn in front of three judges and an audience. Three winners are chosen and revealed on the day, but the overall winner of the competition is announced at Prize Giving.

Oxfam Workshops (Y7-9)

Two Oxfam representatives will be visiting the school and delivering a presentation and interactive workshops on the subject of Climate Change. There will also be an opportunity to watch a film called “The Island President” which links with the subjects that will be explored by the Oxfam representatives.

Fylingdales RAF Visit (Y10)

A trip to the local RAF base has been organised in order for Y10 pupils (and interested Y12 pupils) to have a tour of the facilities. This should include the operational room – unless there is an incident taking place at the time. This is an exciting opportunity for pupils to find out how RAF Fylingdales protects our country on a daily basis.

The Big Walk

Organised by Mr Coates, ‘The Big Walk’ has become a Fyling Hall tradition. It is a competitive orienteering experience in the local area that will test pupils’ logic, team work skills and map reading.

car 2

Pupils look at visiting speaker, Ian Cook’s, electric car.


microscopic art 2

Microscopic art

sweet genetics

Sweet genetics