One of the most frequent questions you’ll ever be asked is: “What are you going to do in life?” At the same time the answer is the most difficult one for most of us. How can we decide then?

A group of Sixth Formers – Karolina, Sharron, James and myself – organised a two-day trip to Birmingham to attend ‘What career?’ exhibition. We found out about alternatives to university, such as training programmes and apprenticeships, straight from the companies leading them. Also, we had the opportunity to find out what employers (HSBC among others) need from candidates, how to improve your CV and how to behave during the recruitment process. The journey was well worth it. It certainly convinced Sharron about her future (she’s interested in an apprenticeship in accountancy), and it gave all of us an insight into the possibilities. University is obviously an attractive choice for many students, but it’s certainly not the only way forward, and increasingly student are considering alternatives.

By Filip Wronowski (Year 13)