On Wednesday, four of our sixth form students ventured off to Teesside University with Miss Walker to face the Further Maths Support Programme Team Maths Challenge.

Faced with 20 other teams from schools around the region, the team had 3 rounds – the group round where they had 40 minutes to answer 10 questions in a group, the cross number round where one pair had to solve the across clues and the other the down clues without communication between the pairs other than through the teacher invigilating and the answer sheet, followed by the final frantic challenge of the 4 section relay where, again, they worked in pairs but the answer from one was needed for the next and so on.

Being under time constraints make things much more difficult and certainly puts you under pressure! Competition for the top places was incredible; our students were fantastic and came in the top third of the groups! A brilliant afternoon and believe it or not, lots of fun! Here’s to the next one.

Maths Challenge 3

Maths Challenge 2

Maths challenge