An important weekly school activity is well underway now, and it goes by the name of ‘reading buddies’. It’s a time where KS3 pupils spend 15 minutes a week reading to their own ‘buddy’ who have volunteered from the 6th form. Importantly, it’s aim is to enthuse the younger students, engender confidence and encourage more frequent reading. But also it’s a time for the 6th form to recapture their own imagination and enthusiasm for reading alongside the younger students.

My particular “buddy” is taking me through the journey of Malcolm Bailey, the boy who turns into a range of different animals every day, through the magical powers of a Donkey named K-Pax. I have already seen the benefits of this activity, as I’ve seen my buddy fully absorbed in the book and he confirms to me that he really enjoys it. He said to me: “it’s useful because it has made me more confident reading and also more confident interacting with the older students”. I believe it’s a great activity and I too have fun listening to my buddy read.

Joe Husband (Y12)