On Tuesday 19 of April, Year 5 and 6 went on a Geography trip to Whitby. We went to investigate what kind of shops were on the streets. First we went to Baxtergate to find out what kind of shops were there. Next we went through the shops and there were a lot of churches! After that we went to Church Street and there were a lot of sweet shops Ola Elhawary lover of sweets went ecstatic and hyper when she first saw the window full of sweets. But luckily she hadn’t any money, because if she did she would have bought all the sweets in stock and out of stock in the shop! Finally we walked to a sweet shop and Miss Gilmour and Miss Anders generously bought all 12 of us lolly pops with their own money!

Ali El-Hawary and Tomas Richardson (Year 5)

Junior Goeg trip 5

Junior Goeg trip.jpg 2

Junior Goeg trip.jpg3

Junior Goeg trip4