junior school

Junior School

Small school with a family atmosphere

Fyling Hall Junior School is a small school with a family atmosphere. The children work and play in a relaxed and supportive environment where they can enjoy their learning. In these nurturing surroundings, children flourish and become confident learners. The Junior School is an important part of the wider school community and uses many of the senior school facilities. The Junior School are also taught some lessons by senior school staff, which enables our primary pupils to enjoy a seamless transition into our secondary school.

“The pupils’ personal development is outstanding; from the earliest age they are willing to take on responsibility. Older pupils look after younger ones and the whole school community works as a large family.”

(ISI Inspection)

Junior School Curriculum

We have the freedom to create an integrated and exciting curriculum based on the three main strands of English, Maths and Science. Our only limit is our imagination. We provide a board and balanced curriculum to allow each individual to develop emotionally, socially, physically and intellectually. Our small class sizes allow each child to develop at their own pace and for learning styles and approaches to be chosen to best suit individuals. There is a weekly Forest School, and weekly swimming lessons.

Junior School Facilities

Pupils have a separate Junior School within Fyling Hall, perfect for their age. It includes classrooms, a library, ICT room, woodland forest school and excellent playground with climbing equipment. They also benefit from using all Senior School facilities including the sports hall, gardens, art studio, theatre, science labs, sports fields and for those that are interested horse-riding stables and arena.

Pastoral Care

Fyling Hall Junior School is a very close knit community that focuses on building strong links between all staff and pupils. Senior pupils regularly visit the Junior School which helps to build the familial relationships that the school prides itself upon.

The classrooms are comfortable, bright and cheerful.

“Fyling Hall is a special place, a family, a well adjusted, progressive and expressive family where the older children really do like their little ‘brothers and sisters’ and where the teachers, like parents, hold the hopes and dreams and hearts of the children in their hands and show them that it is safe to try, to explore and to learn. Educationally, Fyling Hall lights the fire of imagination, rather than ‘filling the bucket’ of knowledge.”

(Current Parent)

Learning Support

Fyling Hall is very proud to be a non-selective school which promotes an inclusive learning environment. Children with additional educational needs are considered for admission, including those who have Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) .

All pupils are screened on entry using standardised tests in spelling, mathematics, reading comprehension, single word reading, sentence completion and writing speed. This detailed screening process informs us immediately of any potential difficulties, which are then followed up and planned for accordingly by their teachers.